FinCap Market is one of India's fastest growing Stock market advisory companies. FinCap Marketoffers investors a well rounded research based financial products to meet varying investor requirements. FinCap Market constantly endeavors to launch innovative products and customer service initiatives to increase value to investors.FinCap Market is a premium financial service, offering innovative & exclusive products through discretionary & advisory services. Our expertise has earned the trust of thousands of high net-worth individual/ institutional investors and created a family that is constantly growing.

The business is working on ambitious plans to position itself as one of the leading stock market advisory company in the Indian financial market - one of the most promising markets in Asia. It also aims to expand its customer base by extending its product range to include a wide variety of investment products and enhance its reputation in India of being a provider of quality investment products and services.

FinCap Market offers an investment option for everyone, whether you are a businessman or salaried professional, a retired person or an aggressive investor or a conservative capital builder.FinCap Market aims at overall excellence, within the framework of transparent and rigorous risk controls.We strive to deliver consistent results through our value-based investing methodology. We believe, that money received from the people should go back to them several times over.

Our commitment to the highest quality of service and integrity is the foundation upon which we build trust with our clients.We constantly strive to achieve the highest possible standards in our day-to-day work and in the quality of the goods and services we provide.


To aggregate value across the Indian equity & commodity market.


To achieve excellence in equity & commodity services and lead the way by setting up benchmarks and standards for peers in the industry.


We have more than 12,589 clients from pan India which includes Brokers, Sub Brokers, Investors and Traders.